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A Trauma-Informed Training for Interpreters Breaking Silence – Interpreting for Victim Services.

Performance-Based Continuing Education Workshop

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This trauma-informed training will help to prepare qualified, professional interpreters for a specialized area: interpreting for victim services. It addresses how to interpret in a trauma-informed service area for any victim of violent crime. Breaking Silence has a particular focus on trauma-informed interpreting, that is interpreting for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. The key service areas that are addressed here include medical, mental health, legal, court and social services interpreting (whether for government and nonprofit agencies or large health care institutions) as well as interpreting for law enforcement, emergency services and disaster response. 

Learning Objectives:

Discuss victim services, victimology and victimization

Compare and contrast stress and vicarious trauma for interpreters.

Identify and practice the appropriate use of consecutive, simultaneous and sight translation modes in victim services through mode-switching activities

Explore the rationale and Rozan’s steps for consecutive note-taking in victim services settings.

Discuss the challenges of interpreting for sexual assault and domestic violence cases.

Explore Techniques to Promote Survivor Autonomy

Address Cultural Mediation

Introduce Terminology in Victim Services

About Breaking Silence- a Trauma-Informed Training

Breaking Silence is a project of Ayuda funded by the District of Columbia Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants

This trauma-informed training is facilitated in hybrid modality combining self-paced modules and live Zoom sessions with instructor.

Interpreting activities are available for the following languages below, but interpreters of all other languages will still be able to practice and participate

Arabic, Amharic, Dari, Cantonese, English, French, Mandarin & Portuguese

Training Fee: $1,200

trauma-informed training
trauma-informed training

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