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Healthcare Interpreter Assessment

Whether you are recruiting new healthcare interpreters, or would like to vet your existing team for quality assurance purposes, REACH can help you assess their performance.

Interpreter Assessment

Our interpreter assessment aims to obtain diagnostic information as to whether an individual is able to demonstrate interpreting competencies and medical vocabulary knowledge, and identify possible areas for improvement.  With this goal, REACH has developed testing for Healthcare Organizations, Language Service Providers and Academia over several years.

REACH assessors are highly experienced linguists and seasoned medical interpreters who have been trained to provide the best quality of service.

We are proud to conduct a healthcare interpreter assessment in the following languages:

Albanian – Arabic – Armenian – Bengali – Bosnian – Burmese – Cambodian (Khmer) – Cantonese – Croatian – Farsi – French – Haitian Creole – Hindi – Hmong-  Indonesian – Italian – Japanese – Karen – Kirundi – Korean – Mam –  Mandarin -Mixteco Alto – Mixteco Bajo – Nepali – Polish – Portuguese (Brazilian & Portugal) –  Punjabi – Russian – Serbian – Somali – Spanish –  Swahili – Tagalog – Tamil – Turkish – Ukrainian – Urdu – Vietnamese – Zapotec- Zomi

Want to inquire more on a particular language?

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No-shows and/or cancellations made within 24 hours of confirmed assessment time will not be refunded