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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity, equity and Inclusion (DEI) cannot exist in silos, but it thrives when people collaborate, share their unique experiences, knowledge and perspectives together as a group who trigger creative thinking and problem-solving. When employees are enabled to be their true self in their professional environment, they flourish, show more confidence and perform better.

Have you ever been excluded at work, perhaps from a project, a work-group or a meeting? Did you ever wonder if you were not included or your opinion was dismissed because of the way you look, your hierarchical status in your organization, some personality trait, or strict work policies and protocols at work?

When discussing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Health Care, we not only address the health inequities that contribute to health disparities and well-documented factors in both the cost of care and quality outcomes, but we also address the inequities and exclusions that exist internally among healthcare teams and leadership as a result of being different, whether socially, physically or ethnically, and not fit for a preconceived frame. In other words, DEI is about both internal (employees) and external (customers patients, family members and visitors), including vendors.

As a leader in your organization, you should be engaged in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, and if you have not taken a step yet, never be afraid to pave the way as a DEI health leader and champion!

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