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Having bilingual employees will better position you in reflecting the language and culture of the communities that you serve by providing meaningful access to your services.

It is important to note that bilingual employees are not equivalent to interpreters or translators. Being bilingual means to have a language skill, however, not all the skills and knowledge that are needed to be a professional interpreter or translator.

REACH offers assessments for different needs: whether you are a language service provider in need to vet interpreter skills, or a healthcare organization that needs to assess bilingual proficiency for clinical staff and non clinical staff, we have a solution for you!

language proficiency
Bilingual Medical Terminology

Effective communication is pivotal in healthcare to understand symptoms, medical history and discuss diagnosis and treatment. Healthcare providers with advanced bilingual proficiency areas such as, Spanish medical terminology or terminology in other languages, can build better trust and provide better care to patients who do not speak English very well.

Does your organization need proof of medical bilingual proficiency for a clinical provider?  We are here to help you!
Healthcare Interpreter Skills

Healthcare interpreters are highly trained to bridge important communication when a provider and their patients, family members or care takers do not share the same language.

Whether you are an individual or an organization interested in recruiting healthcare interpreters or maintaining quality assurance for your services, we can help you vet interpreter’ core skills and knowledge based on the National Council on Healthcare Interpreting (NCIHC) Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for Healthcare Interpreters.
Bilingual Proficiency

Bilingual staff is comprised of individuals who agree to use a language other than English to communicate with clients.

If your organization needs to measure your staff bilingual abilities, we are here to help you vet their speaking proficiency in Spanish or another language based on the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) Language Proficiency Scale